Covid Vaccine Update – 12.03.2021

We are really pleased that many of our patients in cohort 6 have now had their vaccination. There are now 370 patients who haven’t yet been vaccinated, and we are continuing to attempt to contact these patients. We encourage everyone who is invited for a Covid-19 vaccine to take this opportunity to protect yourselves, your family, friends and neighbours. As a community, we will move closer to being safe from Covid-19 as more and more of our population are vaccinated. This will help us takes steps to return to a more normal life and visit our loved ones that we haven’t been able to visit in almost over a year.

The first COVID-19 vaccine will reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19 disease, and after 14 days you will have a high level of immunity to COVID19. It is believed that this immunity will last for a number of months, but a second dose will be required to deliver longer term immunity. Getting your COVID-19 vaccination as soon as you can, should protect you and may help to protect your family and those you care for. The COVID-19 vaccine should help reduce the rates of serious illness and save lives and will therefore reduce pressure on the NHS and social care services. 

If you do not wish to have a vaccine, please email us at to let us know, so that we can respect your wishes and stop inviting you.

In the meantime, we will continue to play our part in vaccinating as many people, as vaccine supplies allow, to support the planned relaxation of restrictions over the next few weeks.

Please join us in following all of the government guidelines as the restrictions gradually relax as we all need to move at the same pace together to make this work best.

As the vaccination process is running smoothly, we have decided that we will not only be updating the page in terms of covid-19 related updates on Friday at 3:00pm. If there are any urgent messages to go up, we will of course post these as the issues arise.

Remember hands, face and space. Continue to stay safe.