What Our Patients Say About Us – Our Compliments

Welcome to our Compliments page!

The following items are positive comments and compliments that we have received from patients, family or friends about the services they have received from the staff of Westongrove Partnership.

We are displaying these comments in order to try to redress the balance of comments made about GP surgeries and Primary Care in general, through various forms of media including the press, social media, and various “experience-type” review websites including such websites as NHS.

The reason that we are doing this is that we feel the “experience-type” review websites seem to attract comments that seek to reflect negative views and all too often the positive comments that we receive directly do not get the same public airing. This could lead to a false impression of our services and we would like to reflect the many expressions of gratitude that we receive so that the public can see both sides of the feedback we receive.

Although many of our comments on NHS are indeed positive, they do not include the letters of thanks that our three surgeries receive directly or the ones that doctors and staff receive personally. We are therefore displaying these compliments anonymously, in a coded format, so that patient confidentiality is maintained whilst relaying the actual sentiment expressed.

We also feel it important to congratulate staff where they have been individually praised and we are delighted to celebrate their recognition.

We do, of course, recognise that sometimes things do not go right and people will have cause to adversely comment or complain and this can be done via the information on our Complaints page on this website.

We welcome your feedback both positive or where you feel we could be doing better.

We will add our positive comments here, from time to time.

The Senior Management Team
Westongrove Partnership

Our Compliments


Whilst I was attending the surgery yesterday, the 13th September, I suffered from a vertigo attack which lasted a couple of hours. I would like to thank the super compassionate, extremely professional very friendly staff who looked after me while I was must have been disrupting their working day.
Special mention must go the wonderful Nurse Ellie and the Practically Perfect Dr Emma. Once again

I just want to say a huge thank you to Dr Kirby. I have been Dr Whites patient for 25+ years
and so have my parents and children, so was devastated when he left. Unfortunately I have had
some health issues recently and Dr Kirby has been treating me. She is a godsend! Absolutely
lovely! She has been so clear on the issues, telling me she is going to contact various depts at
Stoke, booking in follow up appts for me and chasing results etc. I have felt totally reassured
throughout. I am not at the end of the issues, but certainly in a better place thanks to Dr Kirby.
I feel its important to give feedback to you guys as the NHS and even locally the practice does
seem to get a bashing but I am very reassured Thank you


Wonderful paramedic. The paramedic visited me due to me being unwell for some time. He was very thorough in all aspects and very pleasant too. A wonderful paramedic and great service.


To Westongrove Surgery
I wanted to write and thank everyone at the surgery for the excellent care I received on Thursday 15th June. I had really bad back pain, The receptionist and consequently the paramedic who visited me were very understanding and the service was superb. They phoned me back and visited when they promised. Once again many thanks.


What a great experience!

I called the practice at 2.30pm and was answered after a short wait on hold. Spoke to a lovely receptionist who advised of my options for treatment for my daughter.

We decided on a call back that afternoon.

I had a text within a couple of hours to send photos, which l responded to.

By around 7pm l had a call from a doctor who was so helpful and personable.

We discussed my daughter’s symptoms and came up with a treatment plan.

A prescription was available immediately to pick up from a local pharmacy.

Start to finish, 4.5hrs; fantastic!

Thank you

Grateful Patient


I am one of **** daughters. I would like to send my deep thanks to Janet in reception. I spoke to her just after 8am today and she was extremely helpful. Very polite, patient and reassuring.

I am a nurse in a surgery in Dorset and I know how reception staff are presented with many challenges.

Thank you so much for being a kind and caring GP surgery.


I wanted to let you know that nurse Katy is fantastic, and a real credit to the surgery.

I just want to write to thank you sincerely for the kind care, time and attention you gave me on Friday afternoon when my appointment to discuss knee issues with you, turned into that impromptu and epic cardiology diagnosis and treatment session.

Your knowledge, attention, patience and reassurance were outstanding and very much appreciated.

Whilst it was obviously a shock discovery for me, I came away from the surgery both informed and reassured thanks to you, Dr Hindocha.


I am aware that the NHS & General Practice receive many negative comments about the services provided so I am writing to redress the balance.

The day after being discharged from hospital, after an emergency admission, I received a text from Dr Monika asking me to make a face-to-face appointment. This was so she could better understand the background & check on how I was doing. The opportunity to discuss my condition with my GP wasn’t something I had expected or thought essential, but it turned out to be very helpful. This proactive care for patients is in stark contrast to what you read & hear about people unable to see their GP.

Experience of the practice shows it to be run very effectively with systems in place to ensure patients are properly cared for.

Thank all the staff for their hard work in providing a great service in challenging time.


Patient came to the desk after his appointment first thing this morning to praise Katy. He said she was fantastic and wanted us to know she is a credit to the surgery.


I called the surgery to ask to speak to a GP. Natalie took my call and was wonderful, kind and caring and listened to my problem. The call was made at 8.10am. I was amazed to get a call back at 8.40am from Dr Simmons (I believe she is from Wendover Surgery……………….On Friday I called Aston Clinton Surgery to ask who the lovely receptionist was who o had spoken to. Helen answered my call and she was also very kind and sympathetic. I really do feel all 3 of your staff need a huge Pat on the back. They are all a great asset to WGP. Thank you once again.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Emma your receptionist. Tonight, Friday she went above and beyond with a prescription for my daughter. I know people don’t always get the credit they deserve. Please pass on my thanks.”


“I have recently moved doctors surgery to Westongrove due to a house move and was a little apprehensive. How wrong could I have been. I just wanted to say thank you to the receptionists for being understanding, showing empathy and being extremely helpful! I can’t imagine the enormous pressures the NHS are under and we are a society to complain quickly, so thought it was important to provide some positive feedback! Have a wonderful Christmas!”

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the receptionist that I spoke to on the telephone today, who was so lovely and helpful. I was so grateful to her.”

just wanted to say thanks for making the covid booster so easy to book and then get via Oakfield surgery – The set up was so smooth and efficient – Thank you.”

A patient needing help applying cream ……..”I visited the surgery, saw one of the receptionists, explained the position. She assured me she would deal with it would arrange nurse appointments for me – (e mail with times and dates came the next day). So for the last four weeks I have attended daily, appointment times have all been to time. Without exception the nurses have been cheerful, friendly, attentive and professional.
I now have the two weeks ’rest’ and the helpful receptionist has already provided the required further appointments. Really first class personal treatment and care from all”


Used the Ask First symptom checker this morning and was directed that needed to speak to a clinician. This appointment was booked quickly via the app and the GP phoned me within the hour and had booked me in to see me face to face by mid-morning. A thorough examination and follow up booked – thank you.


I would just like to say “thank you”

I have needed to use your surgery a lot over the last 6/8 months and the service I have received has been excellent. I feel there has been an improvement with Bedgrove Surgery. The general public are very quick to complain (sometimes justified, sometimes not) but I don’t think we send our compliments enough. I am currently having issues with my back and Dr Patel and nurse Melody (Wendover) have listened to me, especially on Monday 10th October after I had been in severe pain with my back over the weekend, I was needing support, both physically and emotionally. I got that support from the first point of contact on Reception ( new male receptionist, he was great!) to having a phone call with Mel and then a face to face appointment with Dr Patel, just an hour and a quarter after I made my first contact.

Please pass this on to who ever you think needs to know.

Once again thank you and credit where credit is due!


Re: Application form for online services

Thank you so much
The service from this surgery makes my old one look so bad. Great work. Cheers.


I just wanted to say thankyou [to Dr White] for taking the time to come over and speak with us at the recent party in the park…..You have always been the gp for my entire family and have always been available to help and support us


I just wanted to put in writing how helpful one of the ladies on reception was to me this morning ( sorry I didn’t get her name). I had blood tests booked and the paperwork from my surgeon wasn’t showing on your system. She was most helpful in retrieving the information needed to enable me to keep the appointment and have the blood tests taken. The nurse was also very patient and although had a busy day was happy to wait a few minutes for the information to arrive I am aware that GP surgeries are constantly criticised at the moment so felt it was important to report the ‘good news’ stories as well. Thank you again


I just wanted to say thank you to Pina for being so lovely and helpful. I have been trying to book my first annual checkup and have being going round in circles. Always getting the answerphone and on the two occasions they have rung my phone has been right by me and has not rung (I have checked my phone is working and have no problem receiving any other calls). Pina listened, was so friendly and came up with a solution. So thank you Pina it is really appreciated


Just spoke to XXXX the daughter of XXXXXX who sadly passed away last week. She wanted to say thank you for all of the reception teams help who she said whenever she called were brilliant and really helped her during a difficult time.


Responsive and deeply caring practice.
I’m new to the area and have had to call on the practice quite a few times over the last two months – every interaction has been positive. Receptionists, triage, drs and midwife have all made me feel deeply listened to, thoroughly examined, not patronised and well cared for. One Dr reviewing my very distressed toddler spent the first 5mins just connecting with her. Such human centred care. Really can’t thank or recommend the practice enough.


I would like to give some feedback because I think it is important to not just flag complaints, but also positive experiences which are all – too- often under reported. My feedback is for Dr sheik/ shake (?) who saw my 3 year old last Tuesday (I think). I had a call back from her and explained my concerns. I was very impressed and reassured that she said she could see us in person, pretty much immediately. When we got to her she was a complete delight and had a lovely approachable manner and knew exactly how to interact with the little one who was clearly poorly and distressed. She was very competent & professional yet also caring and friendly. It struck me that she really took the time to really talk to us and answer any questions we had, going through not just the whats but also the whys. We did not feel we were to a deadline or time limit, or like she was trying to rush us through. She was incredibly helpful and thorough in her advice and really did put our minds at rest as well as giving us many new tips, for example, several different ways to get fluids into our child. So a big thank you to her! Those who stand out are few are far between, and I have to say she was one of those.


I just wanted to leave a positive message as I was so impressed by the lovely urgent care nurse who helped my daughter this morning. She was thorough and had such a lovely way with my daughter. Thank you for your help!


I want to thank Dr. Rashmi so much, as always, for her help with my father, Derek, today.
As usual you were so proactive, both in the help you’ve given and in keeping me informed.
Happy Jubilee and take care,


I wish to most sincerely thank all the staff at WG Surgery for the wonderful help, support and immediate action taken when I was admitted as an emergency on Friday 13th with a diagnosis of heart attack.
Thanks to Dr Bates and Dr Patel (who called the ambulance at Bedgrove which blue lighted me to Wycombe Hospital)
But at all times recently and in the past both my husband and I receive absolutely nothing but courtesy, kindness, efficiency and expertise from all staff.
As an ex- NHS employee I am aware of all the pressures for 25 years.
Thank you all so much.


Hi – I just want to say thank you for the care shown to my elderly dad-in-law. He’s been unwell for some time and I called earlier in the week to request emergency attention as we were increasingly concerned about his fragile health. You called within an hour or so and a paramedic visit was arranged that day, and followed up on the day after. My dad-in-law was noticeably brighter on the second day – he’d been feeling so unwell it was having an impact on his mental health as well as his physical. I appreciate it’s difficult to deal with so many patient demands but I wanted to say thank you so much for your care in this instance – it has made a great difference.


I rang the surgery today after Ask First told me to ring my GP. From the receptionist who answered the phone, through to Kelly who called me back and Helen who saw me in the surgery the service was just wonderful. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. All too often you all get bad press but I think you’re all fantastic. Thank you xx

Great service

I just want to let you know what excellent service I have received over the past couple of days from the staff at Aston Clinton surgery.
We seem to be in a time of constant complaining so I wanted to take the time to give some praise where it is due.
I rang yesterday, Monday 28th Feb with concerns about my blood pressure. After a very short wait on the phone, I spoke to your Receptionist 1 who was very friendly and helpful. She advised me to keep a record of my blood pressure readings over a week and then bring them in to the surgery. She made an appointment for me to speak to a doctor on 14th March. I mentioned another concern that I had about a possible urine infection or kidney problem but it wasn’t causing me too much of a problem so we decided to leave it until I spoke to the doctor but Receptionist 1 advised that if it got worse I could pop in with a urine sample to be tested.
Today, after the symptoms of a urine infection got worse over night I did come in to the surgery and spoke to Receptionist 2 who was equally friendly and helpful. She gave me a sample container and told me she would ask a nurse to call me regarding my symptoms.
I then received a telephone call from a doctor a few hours later who listened to my symptoms and prescribed antibiotics to be ready for at the chemist tomorrow morning.
Fantastic service I say! Thank you very much.

Great doctor

The doctor seen today was what we all want our physicians to be. He treated me with such respect and kindness. I’m not one to contact the surgery unless I am concerned about my health as having many family members who work for NHS and how busy they are. They range from consultants, doctors, etc. & their dedication is wonderful. The reassurance I received today from the doctor left me leaving the surgery relieved. Once again thank you doctor.

WHC 84

I have been with WHC for around 45 years and originally I was with Dr Leeper and Dr Bates took over and I have never had a problem with either, in fact, Dr Bates is such a lovely person and always goes far beyond what I would expect and attention to detail is amazing. A nurse called Tracy took my blood today (15-09-21) and it was effortless on her part and mine and to top it all a really lovely person. I have always found all the staff and especially the reception so friendly and helpful and I know some people moan about appointments not being available but compared to other surgeries they are second to none and considering what they have gone through in the past 18 months I think they perform perfectly and they have embraced new technology and ordering repeat prescriptions and making appointments online etc. is a doddle.

WHC 83

Your receptionists are brilliant. I have been registered with a number of practices and often receptionists can be unpleasant but your team are polite and helpful and listen to what is needed by the patient. They will always offer an urgent if no appointment is available with my doctor but I haven’t needed that.

WHC 82

I am writing to say how fortunate I am to be looked after by your team. About 4 years ago Dr Alex bates saved my life with her knowledge and prompt action when I had a ruptured colon. The Complex Care team are looking after me with such kindness and patience. I am filled with gratitude that my case is in the hands of such great people. It’s lovely to have such trust and I know that the whole Health Service is under a great deal of pressure due to the virus. Please could you tell the staff how grateful and humbled I am by their care.

WHC 81

Great service from the nurse.

Although I’m a patient at Bedgrove surgery I wanted to give thanks to the wonderful nurse at Wendover surgery on Friday evening as she did not hesitate in seeing me. I am very grateful that I’m now on medication for my illness.

WHC 75

Dearest Wendover Surgery and all the staff and doctors and nurses, a big thank you for all your hard work, bravery and kindness, patience to everyone during these extremely challenging times. You are appreciated and respected more than you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

WHC 80

I would like, on behalf of myself and my husband, to thank you and all the staff at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium where we received our Covid vaccinations last Saturday. We felt that the whole process was excellent and everyone was pleasant and helpful. Well done and thanks.

WHC 79

Firstly can I say a big thank you to those who were involved in me getting a jab. I was really impressed from receipt of my letter to the moment I got jabbed. Everyone involved were kind and helpful there was no fluster or rush no long queues. Only 4 days from receipt of letter to actual jab which I think is fantastic.

WHC 78

Dear Dr Todd,
I just wanted to take this opportunity of thanking you for the exceptional kindness and understanding which you showed my daughter – not only by discussing the situation on the telephone and settling fears in a clam and rational manner but also your willingness to prescribe the medication which enabled her to get through the 8 or +9 days ( and they were very long days indeed) leading to the consultation. You were also kind enough to ask about my own health.

WHC 77

The negative reviews with reference to the receptionists at WHC are totally unfair. This morning I spoke with Nicola, she was so helpful and couldn’t do enough for me at a time when due to Covid the surgery will be totally challenged. Thank you very much Nicola. People like you need to be given medals.

WHC 76

Dear Miss Lewis
Over the years we have had need of various professional treatments and help from practices – form the doctors, nurses, dispensary and of course the staff who man the phones.
The reason for writing to you as the practice manager is simply to say a very big and sincere thank you to everyone concerned. The level of care and general understanding shown to use has been matchless and is a real credit to the whole team. We salute you all.

05.10.20 ACS

Dear Surgery, thank you for my and my wife’s flu jabs today.

In stark contrast to our political ‘leaders’ performance, the whole operation was carried out very efficiently and we were treated in no time at all.

08.07.20 ACS

I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and understanding yesterday when my son was triggered by myself and staff wearing masks. Not being able to see peoples’ faces and gauge if they are happy or angry makes him very scared. He went into flight mode. Thanks again to the lovely nurse who took his BP and pulse in our car – very grateful to her for offering this option.

18.06.20 ACS Dr Lumb

Thank you for your call and showing that you care. It meant a great deal to me! Regards to you all and keep up the fantastic work!! It is appreciated!!

09.06.20 ACS

Thank you all for everything you did before Coronavirus and everything you do now. THANK YOU

22.04.20 ACS

Message from Care2Homes

Would like to pass on thanks and appreciation to all for all the help given with chasing and issuing prescriptions, especially during the Covid-19 virus. We look after approx 100 surgeries and you are by far the most professional, helpful and friendly!

04.05.20 WHC

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the receptionists at Wendover health centre and also Dr Uddin. They’ve all been nothing but kind and patient whilst sorting out appointments for me in these awful times. I don’t think I’d have got through these past few months without the support from the health centre. So I just wanted to express my gratitude and to say thank you for making a difference. Obviously there’s no need to respond to my message, you’re all busy enough!! All the best.

02.01.19 WHC

Thank you for all our help and the amazingly swift turnaround for this patient -I only wish every surgery was as willing and helpful.

19.12.19 BGS

Efficient, well run practice

I phoned for advice, had a call back from the duty doctor and was able to schedule appointments immediately.

Also able to order repeat prescriptions online using an easy to use website.


We wanted to write to thank you for the amazing support and medical help you have given to our son, over the past three days.

After a terrifying, exasperating and disillusioned 11 hours in A&E on Sat/Sun, our faith has totally been reassured, thanks to you all.

Not only have you tried to alleviate poor … HSP symptoms, you have been reassuring, listened so carefully to everything … and us as parents have had to say and explained everything so well.

We appreciate this level of care so very much.

Whilst we are all exhausted and are still worried that  … is in pain, we feel in safe hands.


Dear Liz

I just wanted to scribble a note! Sorry it’s not very glamorous

Thank you for your consistent empathy and thus understanding whenever I speak to you. It makes a huge impact and I really appreciate your “bedside” manner.

Thanks for being so positive. Keep up the fabulous work, I know it is tough!


You guys have looked after our family for 25 years and we are very grateful for what you do. Thank you all.


Went above and beyond

I had to call the Wendover Health Centre as the owner of a private residential care home. I had a complicated medicine issue with a resident who had been placed with us for respite care. This related to the residents medication. The lady who answered the phone 10 minutes before closing went above and beyond to sort out the issue. She did not have to do this, and I think her service needs to be praised. Thank you.



Exceptional care

All of the GPs, nursing staff and receptionists at Westongrove have been excellent in their responsiveness to requests for treatment, tests and appointments.


As older patients who have been with your practice for 18 months and, who have an experience of other practices we would like to congratulate you all.

Thank you for diagnosing our problems and for your prompt attention. While you have a very busy practice you are always helpful and pleasant.

As we never intend to move again we are very fortunate in having such a good practice to care for us.


Wonderful GP’s

Unfortunately I cannot provide names on this review, otherwise I would heap praise on a female doctor who saw my son this week. He has an ongoing health issue and has been bullied at school recently because of it. Not only was the female doctor great with dealing with my sons health concern she was so kind and spoke to my son about ignoring bullies and staying strong. This meant the world to my son and I and she really went above and beyond. All the GP’s here are great but she was outstanding. Thank you.

25.01.19 WHC 56

Compliment – Dr Angus Perry

I would like to express my appreciation and grateful thanks for the care, reassurance and empathy that was shown to me by Dr Perry on his recent home visit to me.
This was the first time that I had met Dr Perry and I believe he is definitely an asset to Wendover Health Centre and to the Westongrove Partnership.

25.01.19 WHC 55

I cannot speak highly enough of the facility of a duty doctor who is available for consultations on the day of contacting the surgery with a health concern. One hears of tales of woe regarding patients from other surgeries being unable to get appointments. However, at Wendover Health Centre, one is assured of prompt, thorough and sympathetic treatment, inclusive of one’s initial call to reception. How fortunate one is to be a patient at this practice


Suffering with the cough/cold virus for a couple of weeks, didn’t seem to get any better. Got an appointment at a convenient time with a practise nurse. She was professional ,friendly and thorough. Also gave advice and answered health queries. As it happened I had a chest infection, antibiotics were prescribed, job done! Had I not had a chest infection I would have felt that Id wasted a Doctors time. Access to the expertise and experience of a practise nurse is a valued service. Thankyou

12.10.18 WHC 54

Dear Dr Marshall

You will probably see from my records that I have had appointments with Sarah on a number of occasions to have my staples removed and latterly to have a bit of inflammation treated and dressed

I would just like to say that she has been absolutely wonderful, has fitted me in to her busy schedule at very short notice at whichever location she has been working and above all has been very supportive and informative.

It has been very comforting to have someone very practical to talk to and to deal with and I feel that she deserves a lot of credit for not only doing her job very well but also showing a lot of compassion and understanding during her busy schedule.

This whole episode has been very scary, and indeed still is, and Sarah has been invaluable in helping me to come to terms with what I am going through.

I just thought you should be aware of what a huge credit she has been to your practice and to express my thanks for her wonderful professionalism

08.10.18 WHC 53

Good afternoon Dr Symonds

Thank you for your message last week, I apologise for not getting back to you earlier, I am indeed OK and have been given a clean bill of health by the HW cardiac unit.  As you identified I do have an irregular beat but not that they are too concerned at the moment. I am going to undertake a 24hr ECG next week to allow the cardiologists to confirm all is OK. Just to say that I did go down that Wednesday night with an awful stomach upset that laid me low for 4 days so maybe the symptoms I felt were a precursor to illness.

Thank you sooooo much for the fantastic care that you and the Wendover surgery provided in such a short time, I was very scared for a few hours not understanding why I felt so horrible. You and the teams attention to detail was reassuring, The fantastic service continued once I arrived at high Wycombe, Again I was looked after superbly….we are all very lucky to have an amazing NHS. Thank you again

08.10.18 WHC 52

Thank you message for two doctors

I just wanted to say thank you for the efficient treatment I received last week. Having received several examinations and a CT scan at the surgical ward at Stoke Mandeville, I felt very much reassured that there was nothing untoward other than the diverticulitis which the doctor explained was taking a lot longer to clear up but was responding to treatment. Although I still feel uncomfortable I am hoping that a relaxing holiday will do the trick

10.09.18 BGS

Dr Doctor, We would like to thank you and the staff at the surgery for the fantastic care and compassion you have all shown our father over the years. He always spoke to highly of you. You made him feel as if he was a special patient. You did a great job of making him feel he was in control, and he had a huge amount of trust in you.

We hear so many negative stories on the news and in the papers about the NHS, but our Fathers experience was overwhelmingly positive. The healthcare he has received from you all at the surgery over the past 20 + years was hugely influential in allowing him to live a long and happy life. We can’t thank you enough.

15.08.18 WHC 51

Dear Dr Ferguson

Just a quick note to thank you very much for giving me so much of your time when I saw you last Monday

It was a pleasure meeting you and I was impressed by your professionalism and caring manner,

It looks as if we are going to see something of each other in the next few months

24.07.18 WHC 50

Dear Practice Manager

We wish to show our appreciation and say “thankyou” to all the staff at Wendover Health Centre. Thanks to all for the advice, support and continuing care. Between us in the past few year we have had: open heart surgery, removal of a gall bladder, hypertension care, hip replacement, giddiness and prostate enlargement!!

The care at Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe hospital has been excellent also at Hammersmith (for heart surgery). Appointments, either at the surgery in Wendover or at the hospitals have always been quick and your reception staff most helpful.

So thank you to our doctors, Dr Bates, Dr Pennefather (and Dr Reed earlier) for their excellent care. Also to the Practice Nurses, the Pharmacy Dept and all the unseen administration staff and medical secretaries. As one myself – I started in the NHS in July 1948!! At the Royal Bucks Hospital I do understand what is involved behind the front line!! I ended my career at Stoke Mandevillein 1992 – I loved every minute.

Our thanks and best wishes to you all. Very well done everyone

21.07.18 WHC 49

Dear Dr Todd

We would like to express our thanks to you as our family doctor. You are always so caring and attentive. Our recent concerns about … and ongoing potential issues have been dealt with you so thoroughly. We are very grateful

17.08.18 WHC 48

Very helpful and organized (having to deal with my father and me not being local) I wish my own go surgery in Bracknell was like this

23.07.18 WHC 47 FFT

I see no reason at all for any change whatsoever.

The treatment I have received through the years (30?,35?) could not be better

From Doctors and nurses also the ladies at the Reception and Pharmacy.

Thank you all so very much

27.06.18 WHC 46 FFT

The treatment at this practice is extremely good

27.06.18 WHC 45 FFT

First time seen at this surgery, impressed with ease and speed of consultations

27.06.18 WHC 44 FFT

Thank you for the improvements to the front ramp and doorway area. It makes a big difference for ease of access by wheelchair users

27.06.18 WHC 43 FFT

To All At Wendover Health Centre

Just to say many thanks for all your care and kindness especially in these last few weeks

June 2018

An Aston Clinton patient in response to Westongrove’s latest CQC report:

Congratulations. This is indeed an excellent report and well-deserved.

June 2018

A Wendover Health Centre patient in response to our CCG report:

Well done to all of you I hope the receptionists were included in this because they are absolutely lovely I even enjoy collecting my monthly prescription, when I have a short chat with whoever is on duty.

March 2018 ACS 25 FFT 

As far as my husband and I are concerned we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to call upon this practice should we have the need. From receptionists to nurses and doctors we have only ever experienced excellent service. Long may it continue!

30.3.18 NHS 

My experience with this practice has always been very positive. Doctors, nurses and reception staff go out of their way to be helpful and make appropriate referrals. As for the phones never being answered I have never found this to be the case. Sometimes you have to wait, but this is a busy GP surgery with many people to deal with. I have nothing but praise for the staff at Aston Clinton Surgery.

30.3.18 NHS 

Having only recently joined the practice and being reluctant to leave my previous GP, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the caring service shown by all the staff at Aston Clinton. One particular benefit has been the close liaison between the surgery and the adjoining pharmacy and the willingness by staff at both establishments to “pop across” to sort out any problems. Five stars to staff of both health care outlets.

 27.3.18 ACS24

Card from patient:
Just wanted to say “thank you” for sorting out *****’s medical certificate for me. You have been so kind and I just wanted you to know how much it helped me! Best wishes.

27.03.18 BGS10

To All the Staff and Doctors at Bedgrove Surgery
I would like to say a big thank you for all of the help and support you gave me in looking after my husband, who has sadly died. I am forever grateful.

25.3.18 ACS23

From website:
I just wanted to say I have never had a better GP and indeed everyone from the reception to nurses to doctors. You are so good and caring and always helpful and go above and beyond throughout the entire practice and have made a very difficult year less so. It is like going to visit friends as you make it so easy and I know you all care which makes such a difference and I wanted to say thank you so much and I have never had such care throughout.

22.03.18 BGS09

Dear Nurse x
I saw you this week when I was very unwell, and would like to thank you and the doctor I saw. You were both so prompt and very kind in supporting me in what was a very fraught time. I know you will say it was your job, but you both acted in an extremely professional and kind way. You help was very much appreciated.

14.3.18 ACS 21

Dear Craig and colleagues
Thank you for all your help with my daughter on Tuesday. It is much appreciated!

05.03.18 WHC 42

Dear Dr Todd

I am writing to thank you so much for immediately referring me to the Breast Screening Clinic when I came to see you recently.
I am benefitting from an extremely well organised division of the local NHS Trust – all the appointments, tests, scans etc flow together smoothly like a well oiled machine and all the staff are wonderfully efficient while being patient, caring and supportive at the same time.
In my role as a bereavement support worker I quite often meet up with clients who tell me their parent/spouse/child/friend went to their GP with their suspicions about something that was either diagnosed as something else or was not referred at all and then, a number of months later when the symptoms got stronger it was too late for anything to be done. This is not an attack on doctors – I recognise that occasionally things are going to be mis-diagnosed or a doctor might well believe that there is nothing to worry about, but this makes me all the more grateful for your immediate action.

Once again many thanks

15.2.18 NHS 

My experience over seventeen years has always been excellent. GPs have telephoned late into the evening with results and, whilst at busy periods I have had to wait for the telephone to be answered, staff have always been most helpful.

09.02.18 WHC 41

I am currently working in Hong Kong and on my last visit back to the UK in January I realised that I needed an extra repeat prescription not long before I flew back. I completed the online form and my prescription was ready in 2 working days so I could collect it before I left. The dispensary staff were incredibly helpful and I couldn’t have wished for a more straightforward process – excellent service!

09.02.18 WHC 40

Managed to secure a same day appointment for my daughter. Fabulous service, excellent.
Polite and professional reception staff
Call back from Doctor within the time suggested
Appointment made so daughter could remain at school so none missed

26.01.18 WHC 40

My family and I( 3 children 2 adults) have been fortunate as patients with Wendover Health Centre for 48 years. Care, accurate diagnosing, respect, calmly there when we panic over some health problem, what more can we need? Thank you very much to everyone at Wendover Health Centre.

26.01.18 WHC FFT 39

I would change absolutely nothing about my care, always marvellous treatment with caring doctors, nurses and receptionists. First Class in every way.

26.01.18 WHC FFT 38

Very helpful, friendly and efficient. New to the area and am very pleased with experience. Quick to answer the phone and get an appointment- wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for being so welcoming.

26.01.18 WHC FFT 37

I have all positive comments- the duty GP phone service is brilliant and efficient, the nurses are always friendly and give a good service, the receptionists go out of their way to help. No complaints from me!

26.01.18 WHC 36

Just wanted to say a big “thank you” foe your excellent care of our son yesterday- your swift action and immediate referral meant his badly infected appendix was out by yesterday evening despite his vague symptoms. We really appreciate your skills and brilliant care.

21.12.17 WHC 35

I arrived at the surgery yesterday morning feeling unwell. The receptionist dealt with my problem very well sending me immediately to a nurse. She carried out an assessment and called the duty doctor who performed further checks. I was booked into hospital and an ambulance arrived within minutes. The whole process was quick, efficient, and very professional. Thank you to all concerned, and well done.

21.12.17 WHC 34

Dear Dr Todd

A small note for a massive thank you for the fantastic care that you gave me. I cannot put into words how much I appreciated the care and time that you gave over the years.

I was so sad to come off your list but needs must Thank you once again.

14.12.17 WHC 33

Dear Susan
Thank you for taking my bloods for the last year. Your help and support has been greatly appreciated, the little things from making my appointments to making sure I got help after dad passed away.

29.11.17 WHC 32

I want to give the doctors feedback that Christine on Wendover practice reception is a breath of fresh air. She is thoroughly professional, demonstrates listening skills and shows empathy to understand the issue. She also actually treats patients as intelligent adults as her default position and is willing use initiative to get issues resolved and achieve a win-win outcome for the practice and the patient. Brilliant. I am sure she will really be an asset to you, saving time (with her actions, initiative and polite tenacity) that GP’s are currently having to take on themselves!

24.11.17 FFT 01

With all the trials and tribulations the NHS goes through on a daily basis I just want to thank and congratulate the staff at this busy practice. In particular, those in Reception. They are efficient and polite and above all treat you with respect. They are a true front line reflection of the care and attention you receive from the Doctors and Nurses they represent. Other practices locally should watch and learn!!

26.10.17 WHC 31

Dear Sir/Madam,

Very much a Gold Standard GP’s practice

After coming under the care of another practice for 5 years, where the clinical treatment was always of a high standard, but where it was sometimes pretty challenging administratively, coming back to a practice which is thoroughly professional at every level is a joy. Wendover Health Centre is incredibly busy, yet is always very good at pushing out information to patients, looking at ways of improving the efficiency of its services and, most important, providing first rate clinical care. Every interaction with the Health Centre leaves one with the impression that everybody is trying hard to do their own bit to the best of their ability – whether at the front desk, the pharmacy, or with the doctors and nurses. Even checking up on results is efficient. There will always be glitches, but chatting to friends who are GPs and having also lived abroad from time-to-time, makes me realise how lucky my family is to be cared for by a team that is so well coordinated and good at what they do. Thank you very much!

17.08.17 WHC 30

Well Done You
To every single one of you at the Health Centre. Simply because I do not say it often enough! Because running a surgery cannot be easy!

10.08.17 WHC 29

Dear Dr Marshall

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for prescribing Beconase for my recent hearing loss (when you were the on call physician one day in June). I suffered with this for almost 5 months, and was told in two surgery visits that it was caused by a virus (which I also had at the time), that therefore antibiotics wouldn’t help, and there was no other treatment. I really appreciated that you took the time to review my history and determine that if I got rid of the mucus, I would have relief. I had positive results 3-4 days later, and my hearing is now so much better. I saw Mr Bottrill not long after at Stoke Mandeville and he confirmed I should keep up the treatment you prescribed – so, many thanks!

07.08.17 WHC 28

Good Morning

I am writing to say how wonderful the help I’ve received from Dr Leila Saeed has been over the last few months. I have been visiting doctors with depression since I was a child and during my time at University and since have really struggled getting the help I needed after moving student accommodation lots and having to change doctors frequently.

Since joining, Wendover, I have never been given so much support and help from a doctor. Her appointments always make me feel better, she is friendly and calm, really listening to everything I say and offering me different kinds of support. She has been very proactive at getting me the help I need and I now feel I am really on a proper path to recovery.

I’m sad to have moved again and be leaving the surgery as she has been a fantastic doctor.

31.07.17 WHC 27

I would like to highlight the wonderful experience I had during a recent appointment with Dr Withers at Wendover Health Centre. She was compassionate, understanding and kind and made me feel totally at ease to discuss my health concern. She then followed my appointment up with a telephone call to further explain my medication. Rarely have I come across such an excellent GP from a patient’s perspective. I left the appointment feeling like a weight had been lifted. Thank you so much for the excellent care that was provided.

01.02.17 WHC 35

Dear Dr Reed

I just want to say “Thank you” for bothering to tell me that you had made a request for me to have a scan at Stoke for my bladder problem. Although I was not here to receive your phone call it was good to know that it had been made.

24.06.17 WHC 26

Dear Dr Patel

Just a little note of thanks for the very prompt response to see my husband on Thursday of this week.He followed your instructions and today he is back to almost normal blood sugar levels. He is feeling more tired than usual but apart from that he is grand.

From all that has happened and from a layman point of view we think it very possible that the high temperatures which had in some way affected his insulin.

We both wish to thank you for your courtesy and professionalism and wish you every success in your medical career.

Yours sincerely

05.07.17 WHC 25

Dear All the Staff at Wendover Health Centre

My family would like to say thank you for your fantastic service on every visit during the last 2 and a half years. This service has often exceeded expectations and meant Docs staying late which is appreciated. Everytime my son has been soon very quickly and treated so well.

With many thanks

22.06.17 WHC 24

Dearest Wendover Health Centre Staff

A belated line to say huge thank you for all the wonderful care/TLC for my darling “blue eyed boy”, down over the years. I feel blessed that we had such wonderful, professional and caring people to look after him. He was/is very loved and missed by his so many friends.

14.06.17 WHC 23

Dear Dr Marshall

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how impressed I was with Lucy on Monday.

Despite being very busy she took the time and trouble to trace the results of my mammogram (which was long overdue). She put them in front of Dr Withers and called back to put my mind at rest.

Please thank her again for her kindness.

12.06.17 ACS 20

Dear Dr White and Dr Williams

We just wanted to say thank you for your support and care during my recent mental health abyss. Never once di d you make us feel like we were pestering whilst calling and visiting the surgery on many occasions and you both gave us nothing but prompt attention. The reception staff were also extremely helpful as always. Thank you once again for your care.

05. 06.17 ACS FFT 19

Thursday 29th June receptionist on at 5.51 was extremely kind.

06.17 ACS FFT 18

Dr Bobbi Jacob was absolutely amazing with our 3 year old daughter who had badly cut her chin open.  She was so compassionate and managed to clean up her wound and steri-strip it up without causing any upset to her.  We can’t thank her enough J The receptionist was so welcoming  to us and gave us an emergency appointment as we have only just moved to the area and hadn’t got round to registering.  Thank you!!

06.17 ACS FFT 17

Shelly is always kind and helpful and bends over backwards to accommodate- much appreciated!! Xx

22.05.17 WHC 22

Dear Dr Withers

Just wanted to say thank you to yourself and your colleagues for all the support you gave my husband and myself during his illness.

05.17 ACS FFT 15

Friendly surgery from front of house to practitioners.

26.04.17 WHC 21

Dear team

We are writing to thank all at Wendover Health Centre for the dedicated and exceptional care my late mother received during her most recent illness. We have nothing but praise for the whole team.

We are so grateful to Dr Chappell who was my mother’s named GP and also to the duty doctors (Dr Todd, Dr Rashmi, Dr Withers and Dr Marshall) who were all outstanding. In addition the receptionists who handled our telephone calls efficiently and in a caring manner made our initial encounters with the surgery easy. The surgery team seemed to work seamlessly in what we know are challenging times and as a family caring for mum, it made a very difficult time much easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

03.17 ACS FFT 14


13.03.17 WP1

A note and cakes delivered from a member of the public who witnessed a gentleman collapse. Doctors from Wendover Health Centre provide BLS to save his life, whilst awaiting an ambulance.
To Dr Parnell and the doctors at Wendover Health Centre who saved the mans life, Happy Christmas to you all xx

01.03.17 ACS 13

Thank you so much for your help Dr White, you are a legend.

03.17 ACS FFT 12

It is a very good surgery. I would recommend to friends who need appropriate GPs.

03.17 ACS FFT 11

Always helpful, professional staff – thank you.

03.17 ACS FFT 10

Every time my son has needed to see a doctor the staff (doctors and receptionists) have been friendly and helpful. (Dr White in particular as he is the doctor my son has seen).

03.17 ACS FFT 09

My experience of your reception staff has been excellent. They are professional, kind and listen to my requests and do their utmost to assist e.g. after a lengthy call to try to change an appointment the receptionist phoned me later that day to let me know of a cancellation, bringing my appointment forward days. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

02.17 ACS 08

I find all the staff here very helpful and accommodating – first class surgery!

02.17 ACS 07

Would like to thank your receptionist Jayne for going above and beyond when dealing with my appointments yesterday morning. So nice to speak to a friendly person and she is a good ambassador for the surgery

30.01.17 WHC FFT 20

Just to say thank you very much for all your help and support towards ourselves, we really appreciate everything you did for us.

26.01.17 WHC FFT 19

Excellent – can always get an appointment. The reception staff very helpful, the doctor was great too.

26.01.17 WHC FFT 18

A really helpful and effective practice.

26.01.17 WHC 17

Dear Dr Rashmi

Just want to say thank you for being you! For everything you have done for me and your kindness, most of all your empathy, patience and caring nature you are an amazing doctor as we like to say a total diamond! I appreciate all that you do. We all are truly blessed to have you as my doc!

26.01.17 WHC 16

Dear Doctor

I do want to thank you for all the careful attention you have given my health. With the result that I have a great deal to be grateful for. Even that at my age I am actually in quite good health. But to accept the reality I am not young anymore, but a woman of 83 years. I am not finding that easy!!

But you never became impatient or irritated in arranging all these tests.

Thank you again so much for all your care.

I wish you well in every way

16.01.17 ACS 07

Whenever I visit the Aston Clinton Surgery I find a patient survey form on my seat! I have never filled one in as due to some arthritis in my hand it would be indecipherable! (inc by myself). Having been to the surgery today and again seeing the forms I felt it incumbent upon me to advise you of my feelings. For many years the “doctor’s receptionist” has been portrayed as a villain, a harridan, whose sole purpose in life is to prevent any patient from actually seeing a doctor! I have myself encountered such beings in the past. My experiences at your surgery have, however, shown that there is another completely different type of receptionist available! Without exception, every receptionist I have spoken with at Aston has, however busy, been pleasant, courteous, efficient and of good humour. I would like to think this is down to my overwhelming charm! but I do believe they exhibit these traits with all patients they encounter. Further, although Craig White is my GP, with one exception, the other docs that I see at times are also excellent. This only leaves the nurses, who are all marvellous and, whilst I hesitate to name individuals, I will!! Ros – I’m still not smoking! And Beverly, a true angel! This probably reads as a bit of a ramble, so be it. PS I can confirm that no monies were paid to me for this review.

11.01.17 WHC 15

Dear Dr Withers

I am writing to thank you , Dr Symmonds and Dr Bates for the kind and sympathetic support you gave us both during her short illness. I would also like to thank the many District Nurses who visited – they were all marvellous.

And finally a thank you to your pharmacy team who managed to dispense a number of new prescriptions on the day of issue.

11.01.17 WHC 14

Dr Ferguson saw me at very short notice on Tuesday last week when I had acute pain in my left knee. I now just want to send a heartfelt “Thank You” for the swift and accurate diagnosis (of gout) and prescription. An hour after taking the first tablet 805 of the pain had gone and the rest subsided overnight. I took the tablets for 3 days and have had no recurrence. So thank you again for the excellent service Dr Ferguson.

01.17 ACS 06

Dear Craig

Thank you so much for calling in the other night and for your unfailing kindness to both xxx and myself (quite apart from medical help freely given) over so many years

12.16 ACS FFT 05

Receptionists are really friendly and helpful – well done

12.16 ACS FFT 04

We are new patients to this GP Practice and we were made more than welcome. Reception staff were very helpful to guide us through new systems. We saw a doctor straight away and medications and bloods were checked within a week of coming to the practice with follow up appts made within 2 weeks. We are very grateful as we have just moved many miles to be near family.

14.09.16 WHC 13

Dear Wendover Health Centre

When I woke up on Friday 26th August with a lump in my breast I wasn’t even registered as a patient in Wendover. Your super efficient service gave me an appointment the same day and diagnostic tests at Wycombe the next working day. What I’ve appreciated even more at this very difficult time was the tenderness and concern that everyone I spoke to from the Health Centre showed me. You are amazing. Thank you so much.

09.09.16 WHC 12

Dear Dr Ferguson

I think it was you, who was the Duty Doctor on Monday 5th September?

I’m just writing this email to THANK YOU most sincerely for all the help you gave me yesterday in getting me to the Cardiology Department at the High Wycombe Hospital yesterday afternoon. From the receptionist who remained calm and gave me the appointment, for your concern and swift action in dealing with my problem and tie the paramedics and hospital staff that looked after me all evening. It was a very busy department last night. Fantastic NHS. I was allowed home about 12.30am and they could not find out what was wrong with me. My lungs are clear and my heart strong. All my bloods were fine too. I had 2 ‘flutterings’ in my chest this morning! It was decided to get me back to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours but even then there is no guarantee that the ‘fluttering’ will happen over that period but it’s the next step. You will be pleased to hear that I am not playing golf this morning but taking it easy!

Once again THANK YOU for your calm concern, swift action and ALL that you did

15.08.16 WHC 11

Dear Drs Parnell, Ferguson and Marshall

After 4 months of limited mobility, pain, at times excruciating, I am pleased to advise that I am now pain free and have regained full mobility.

I have therefore cancelled my forthcoming appointment with the consultant.

I would just like to thank you for your care and consideration over this time. Also to the receptionists who arranged appointments and call back when required

PS My only complaint is that I never ever was given a pink model balloon dog that my 2 and a half year old granddaughter received!

me yesterday it was very much appreciated.

10.08.16 WHC 10

Thank you from a very contented recipient of treatment and care.

Seven angels fell from out the sky, each sent from heavens up high. Where will they settle, where will they go, to a lovely Health clinic that the people here know. Give them a name cried the gathering crowd,. They are nurses, they are nurses you could hear the cries loud. Now each of these nurses make the best team around, no better group of nurses can be found.

Now G… has met all these angels through time and he hopes that these words now put into rhyme, will bring pleasure and smiles as he’s head over heels with this bunch of fine ladies who cure all his ills.

Lovingly written with pen and heart.

04.07.16 WHC 09

We hear so much on the radio and television how difficult it is to be seen promptly by NHS doctors.

I am a geriatric patient on the panel of doctors at Wendover Health Centre. I am lucky enough not to have needed to make a call on NHS medical services for more than a year, although, I think, I have yet to make arrangements to be seen for my annual “MOT”.

Last week, I developed symptoms that I felt warranted medical advice. At 14:03 in the afternoon, I telephone the Wendover Health Centre to explain my concern. I was told arrangements would be made for the “duty” doctor to call me back by telephone within the hour. Thirty minutes later, I receive such a call, and was advised that an appointment could be made later that afternoon (15:30) for me to be seen by a doctor. I duly attended, was promptly cordially greeted, my medical notes on the screen, and was seen by a lady doctor. She listened to my problems, examined me clinically, made a diagnosis, advised treatment and authorised appropriate medication. I was on my way to the chemist 25 minutes later.

Clearly, local patient management protocols at the Westongrove Partnership group are somewhat better than those reported Nationally and warrant praise.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 08

We think you guys are very helpful and extremely nice.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 07

We wanted to say how much we appreciate all that the staff and doctors do for us.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 06

Bedgrove Surgery has extremely good doctors and nurses, and very helpful receptionists.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 05

Please can you thank the Health Visitor Sam Ness. She is amazing, so helpful and a lovely manner.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 04

The service I have received at Bedgrove Surgery has been outstanding. The practice has helped me more in the last 5 months than my previous surgery did in 8 years! Thank you very much.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 03

Im very happy with all the staff at Bedgrove Surgery. Jules, the HCA is very chirpy and smiley.

21.06.16 BGS FFT 02

Care today at Bedgrove Surgery has been fantastic. Jules took my blood, and was very proffessional. Thanks.

21.06.16 BGS 01

I would like to write and thank everyone at Bedgrove Surgery for dealing with prescription requests and appointments during the last few months of my wifes life, with care and efficiency.

09.06.16 WHC 08

I just wanted you to know that I think you all in reception are brilliant on the phone and in person.

24.05.16 WHC 07

Dear Dr Withers

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for last week. I know you were “just doing your job” but when I came to see you with a breast lump I was pretty terrified as to what the outcome would be, considering I have two friends battling with breast cancer. I really appreciated your kind and gentle manner and the speed of which you wrote my referral letter. Luckily for me all is well and the lump turned out to be a cyst which has been drained.

24.05.16 WHC 06

Dear Dr Withers

On behalf of my mother and my sisters I would like to express our gratitude to you for your care given to my dad. The fact we managed to keep him at home and cared for was a great comfort to the family as this is what he wanted. Please thank all the staff at Wendover Health Centre who have helped and supported us.

It was timely and fortunate that you were with him when he finally departed. I feel you telling him it would be over soon gave him permission to go (he had not been listening to me!)

Thank you for all your help and gentle dignified moments at the end.

Thank you again.

10.05.16 WHC 05

Dear Sir/Madam

I hope this finds you well.

During a recent unfortunate period of illness, thankfully now resolved, I was extremely grateful for the outstanding care I received from Dr Ferguson (and Dr Withers and Dr Rashmi) and would like to request to change to one of these ladies if they have space on their list and would have mw please. This is no reflection on my current named GP; I am just more comfortable with a female doctor and would feel very reassured to know that I was in their care, should I need it in future.

Sincere thanks and kind regards

04.05.16 WHC 04

Dear Dr Rashmi,

Just to say thank you so much for what you did for my giddiness on 28th April. I sat upright for two nights and haven’t felt giddy since and am so grateful.

I apologise if I seemed ungracious about seeing a consultant regarding my hip but if I can wait till it troubles me a bit more I would like to take up your offer.

I am convinced you have healing powers but maybe it is kindness that prevails.

05.04.16 ACS FFT 03

The care I received today from nurse Diane was first class. The reception team at ACS are polite and very friendly. An amazing wonderful experience – Thank you. Excellent service.

04.04.16 ACS FFT 02

I’d like to say how pleasant your receptionists are but in particular Shelley and Sonia, with whom I come into contact more regularly. They are very efficient, so helpful and understanding and in my view, they have the perfect qualities for what is really a rather sensitive job, given the varied patients’ problems they have to deal with (and the more impatient ones like myself!)

04.04.16 ACS FFT 01

All the staff we spoke to – from the receptionists to the doctors – were very empathic and when we left we had been properly listened to and our concerns properly addressed.

01.04.16 BGS FFT 01

Extremely good doctors and nurses. Helpful receptionists. Over the last year considerable improvement in ease of getting through on the telephone.

16.03.16 WHC 03

Dear WHC,

I should be most grateful if you could convey my sincere thanks to Dr Withers, who kindly saw me at 10.30am on Monday 14th March.

I had woken up with chest pains that morning and, despite my incredulity at what she was proposing, Dr Withers had me taken to the cardiology unit at Wycombe hospital by ambulance. There, they confirmed that I had suffered, or was currently suffering, a heart attack, and that very afternoon I underwent the angiogram and multiple stent procedure. I was discharged yesterday and am now at home.

Cardiology said that I was lucky, and that things could have been severely worse if delayed.

So once again, my sincere gratitude to Dr Withers and her professional knowledge and foresight.

10.03.16 WHC 02

I have now visited Wendover Health Centre on a few occasions with my mother to see Dr Chappell, including today. I was going to write to you the last time, but unfortunately I didn’t get round to it.

I really wanted to say how lovely Dr Chappell is with my mother. She is extremely approachable and she has an exceptionally kind manner. Nothing is too much trouble and she never rushes my mother. My mother can go off at tangents about all sorts of things unrelated to her medical problems, but Dr Chapple always brings my mother back round to the problem she is supposed to be discussing with ease and no apparent haste.

She is a great asset to your tea and I just wanted to make you and the senior partners aware of this. Would you also let Dr Chapple know.

05. 2.16 WHC 01

Dear Sir/Madam

I am just dropping you a line regarding your Dr Pennefather. Our paths crossed accidently when I needed an appointment and my Dr was unavailable, over the past few weeks she has helped me with an ongoing problem I have had for the past year or so, the improvement has been life changing for me and hopefully when I’ve seen the specialist it will be ok. A couple of other things wrong have also been addressed and treatment arranged. You might be thinking well that’s her job, but I would like to say she has gone the extra mile to help, even contacting me at home to see how things have gone. On my last appointment Dr Pennefather informed me that she is returning to Stoke Mandeville. I don’t know whether her stay with you was getting experience or what, but I would like to say I personally think she would be an asset to yours or any other practice. If this helps to go on her C.V I would appreciate you including it as Dr Reed might tell you I am not the sort of person to dish out compliments willy nilly.

WHC March 2018

‘And happy Easter to all of you at Wendover centre, such lovely receptionists ,nurses and doctors all wonderful caring people’


Just a note to say whenever I have dealt with Laura on your reception she’s been absolutely fabulous in terms of helpfulness, professionalism and positive attitude. She’s a real asset to your surgery.


Dr Rashmi, Words aren’t really enough to express our thanks to you for your kindness, care and time given to our mum over the last few years of her last – she thought the world of you, I know.


Thank you, you are doing  a brilliant job and are always so kind and helpful.


Fantastic practice

Overwhelmed by the way my flu jab was done this morning,2 lovely ladies to greet me, directed to reception where another friendly lady took my name and then straight in to have my injection by yet another great nurse whom I have seen many times due to my COPD, the whole procedure took 8 minutes and also got a phone appointment to review my COPD. What can I say except a huge thank you to all those at WHS where I have been going to since 1965.Always had marvellous care from everyone and not forgetting the fab receptionists who have always been kind and understanding and not forgetting the person who keeps our surgery clean. So WHS my heartfelt thanks to you all, stay safe….now wash your hands lolxx


An excellent Surgery

Over the past few weeks, I have on several occasions required a telephone or face to face appointment. On each of these occasions, care, support and kindness has been excellent


Efficient flu jab

Came for flu jab this morning. The whole surgery was well organised

Everything was well explained

I was seen quickly and honestly didn’t feel a thing. Well done to all


Hello. Just wanted to say that we were extremely impressed with the efficiency and organisation of the flu jab clinic on Saturday. It’s so nice to be able to find something to praise these days! Please thank all the “Flu Crew”


Wishing all the Dispensary a Happy Christmas and thanks for your help during the past year


Thank you to you all. I’m not a great one for making compliments but in the current circumstances you are doing a great job


I wish to say a very special Thank You to you, your fellow doctors, nurses, paramedics, not least your repeat prescription team that beaver away year in and out and the ladies on the desk and the phone trying to extract our needs and point us in the right direction. It is easily visible practices have been under enormous pressure for some time, long before the dreadful virus. Yes a special thank you- keep well yourselves


Dear Dr Marshall

I am happy to put in writing, as suggested, my recent comments to you regarding the great service I feel you and your Westongrove colleagues provide to the Wendover catchment area.

The response and level of service that I have received from yourself and all at Westongrove’s Wendover surgery recently (late 2020) has been incredibly professional and efficient, despite the current Covid 19 restrictions.

The reception staff are always unfailingly bright and cheerful when answering the phone. The telephone appointments call- back system and consultations work well, whilst most normal face to face appointments aren’t really possible. The arrangements that I experienced for seeing patients in person, maintaining safety and social distancing at the surgery were really good too.

All in all I think that Wendover is very lucky to have such a good, well-run GP surgery. Thank you


I just wanted to give some feedback regarding Tracey on reception, she is fantastic, the time and attention she gave me this afternoon (13th July) was 10 out of 10. I came in to the surgery regarding a repeat prescription for my husband and an appointment for myself to see my doctor, so lovely/helpful and a real credit to the surgery. Once again Tracey thank you for your time and help really appreciated


I just wanted to drop a quick message to say a huge thank you to the nurse (Caroline), who carried out my smear test yesterday (16/11). She clearly explained everything, and made the whole experience feel comfortable. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to her.


Hi, I just wanted to say a huge huge huge thank you to nurse Kelly Careless. I have never felt more comfortable with seeing someone at a doctor surgery. She went above and beyond, answered all of my concerns when it came to my children at their appointment and made my children feel very at ease and comfortable whilst being examined. She was very knowledgable and gave great medical advice. Absolutely wonderful member of staff and a huge credit to the NHS. Thank you.


I would just like to say that i am very impressed with 2 of your reception staff this week for being ever so helpful! Emma i spoke to on Thursday this week and she dealt with my queries very efficiently! And Connor i spoke with today who acted quickly and went the extra mile to make sure my px was ready in time for me to collect after work so i didnt have to go a whole weekend with out medication!! I work in a Dr Surgery in Berkhamsted so i am fully aware of the hard work everyone at the surgery puts in, and i just wanted to thank you all for such a positive service!!


I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the reception staff, nurses and Dr Joseph who were all so kind to me when I was unwell in the surgery last Thursday (17th).

I was so grateful for your help,

thank you